2210, 2020

Emotional Fatigue

Emotional fatigue is a reality and can happen to any of us. The world is always changing. Change can be difficult for anyone. It takes us out of our comfort zone. But this time, Covid 19 came unexpectedly, rapidly, and uninvited. In a matter of months, we have had to make real changes to our daily living. Some of these changes were externally controlled,

1106, 2020

The Big Wave Of Mental Health Issues

Please: do not neglect your mental health. As mental health professionals, we have seen this “tsunami” first hand over the past months. There is a distinctive shift in therapy and the therapeutic interventions required. Now more than ever, it is vital that plentiful and prompt delivery of mental health services are available. The term “mental health” can be misleading and carries a stigma in

106, 2020

Time For A New Normal

It's time for a new normal! Talk therapy is the healthy diet for the mind. We’re living in challenging times. Changes can be difficult for all of us. 3 months ago (can you believe that time has passed) we were faced with a change like we’ve never experienced. At Alethea, our work is all about supporting others to overcome challenging times. We are firstly

2005, 2020

Listening is the new hug

Connecting in a new way: Listening is the new hug!🧡 A hug and human connection is the first thing we do if someone is struggling! Not been able to extend our hand to someone struggling is alien to us all as human beings, not been held ourselves is hard too. We’re adjusting in our world to supporting and been supported in a very different

1805, 2020

The Sad Reality Of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is real - You are not crazy! OUR FRONTLINE PEOPLE ARE OUR FIRST RESPONDERS, AND OUR MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ARE OUR LAST RESPONDERS. Not all wounds are visible! Emotional abuse is real, and it requires recovery from the lasting post traumatic stress that a human endures as a result of it. As mental health professionals, we have been supporting people with the

205, 2020

Toxic Positivity & Your Mental Health

Positivity can be toxic and it can be bad for your mental health. If we went back to this time last year, I don’t believe any of us expected to be experiencing what we are right now in our world. The entire world is in survival mode. Every normal we knew is gone and is replaced by everything that is abnormal. How do we

2204, 2020

Children Do As They See

Teach our small children to love, no to hate. Children do not do what they’re told, they do as they see. Teaching our children responsibility for their actions has to be modeled. It’s our greatest responsibility as parents to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Our small people watch everything, we know that, they are sponges, and they repeat what

1504, 2020

How Are We Living The New Reality?

What will this world collectively evolve into when we come out of this collective “dark night of the soul”? We are collectively being forced into examining how we behave in this world. How we view and judge others. Are we encouragers of others, or critical? Do we live lives of gratitude, or greed? Do we work collectively together, or are we ready to attack

1404, 2020

Everyone Is Adjusting In The World Right Now

Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end - John Lennon. It is most definitely not the end yet! Getting through hardship is not about finding a bright side. It’s not about becoming a ray of positivity. It's not about telling the world around us what the outcome will be - Unless, of course, you absolutely know

1004, 2020

Out Of The “ME” And Into The “WE”

This crisis is helping us to redefine success. How we relate with ourselves and those around us is the only worthwhile inheritance we get to leave behind us on this earth. Everything else, power, money, beauty, etc, are temporary illusions. They are weapons of mass distraction. We can’t take them with us and they won’t buy us oxygen. It’s beautiful to witness how together

604, 2020

What Choice Theory Can Do For Children

Online Choice Theory For Children Do You Know What Choice Theory Can Do For Children? Our FREE online course for children started today, Monday the 6th of April, and it will happen every morning on weekdays during the lockdown period on Alethea's Facebook page. Choice Theory stands behind everything we do at Alethea. We run a Choice Theory Centre where every team member is