From Lunacy to Mysticism: Change Your Actions To Achieve New Results.

Monday. The start of a new week. What’s working in your life? What isn’t? Is there something in your life that is just hard work? How long is it hard work? At some stage, we just gotta take the lunacy hat off. If it’s continuous hard work, then it just isn’t working is it? Is it frustrating you? That’s a good sign. Frustration says I have enough. Frustration is healthy. The bodies response to having to try too hard for too long. But if we continue to sit in that frustration, and don’t make effective changes, that lack of ease will bring around dis-ease in our body, mind, soul.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Change your actions to achieve new results. The first thing we gotta do is surrender to our commitment to our own well being by giving up. Giving up the notion we can make it different. That it will change. Look first at your statistics. What do they tell you? Have u been here before? What’s the odds of it happening again? We cannot change anything or anyone. The only purposeful and effective action we can make in this world is to change ourselves. Sometimes saying “I have enough” begins the start of a wonderful new journey. There may be tears, it’s hard to give up something that we’ve been trying to hold onto for a long time, but the relief will come. And it comes quicker than you imagined. Then u breathe.

And that’s it. Just breathe. Stay present and breathe. Look around you at what and who you do have in your life. And one thing you definitely don’t have right now, is the stress of having to keep doing what you were doing that was hard work. In this quiet space, you’ll become reflective. In this place of inner reflection and inquiry, you’ve become a mystic. The mystic of your own life. You’ve just moved from lunacy to mysticism. And isn’t that the journey! Well done you wonderful spiritual seeker. It was that easy. It was just about surrendering. The day that eventually comes when you surrender to self, and ur own inner peace. You’ve just lost any attachment to the outcome.

You feel so peaceful that you don’t really know what to do with yourself now because you’re so used to flustering around trying to fix things. But that didn’t work. That’s what frustrated you in the first place. Fixing things. Trying very hard to make everything right when it wasn’t right to begin with. Because if it was, you wouldn’t have felt frustrated. When it’s easy, you feel at ease. It’s new. You feel your breath. And you like it. There’s ease again. Ease within self. So what now? You want to try something new but u don’t know what to do. So, do nothing, that’s new. And just keep breathing. And if you really want to do something, you could put the kettle on, and you could start by stirring your tea in the opposite direction. It’s certainly much better than what you’ve been doing that was hard work!

This is a quantum leap for your soul. Einstein knew this. He was a smart man. You’ve just become a quantum physicist. “Nothing happens until something moves”, another of his wise quotes. And you’ve just moved your perspective and look at the peace that brought you? “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. You’ve just stopped the insanity of ur own actions. Glasserian psychology says “keep doing what we’re doing and we’ll keep getting what we’ve got”. Great theorists, all giving the same message. And eventually, you hear it. You’re home. You surrender to yourself, and in doing so you mastered your mind. Your journey took you here. Out of lunacy, and into mysticism. Enjoy ur cuppa. It’s well earned.

Love, Norah Finn.