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Choice Theory

Choice Theory allows us to take full responsibility for our life. It gives you a new lens on how you view your world. You can’t undo this learning. Helping others to help themselves is the true goal of being a good friend/therapist/teacher/manager. When we learn how to effectively help ourselves in our own lives, then we pass this on. This is the true goal of Choice Theory.

I came to Choice Theory/Reality Therapy in 1994, trained as an IACP psychotherapist, and went on to become an instructor at the WGII. This theory changed the course of my life. It stands behind everything we do at Alethea Holistic & Healing Centre. I don’t feel that there’s one person who passes the threshold of #Alethea, including the people who work there, who haven’t been impacted by Choice Theory on some level. It’s woven into our tapestry.

The therapists working at the centre are either certified in #ChoiceTheoryRealityTherapy or presently working towards certification. We believe in this theory because it works. We’ve incorporated it into our own lives, families, relationships, and work. And we all experienced the benefits.

Whether you do this training for yourself to improve your own personal life, or to enhance your qualifications in your work, it’s difficult to view your life in the same light again after you’ve opened your mind to Choice Theory. You expand your knowledge of self and how/why we make the Choices we do in this world. And how we can choose to make better Choices.

We live in a world where any minute of the day we can be faced with difficult circumstances. However, what we do with these events is our Choice. When we understand the psychology behind our decision making, we see that although we may not have control over all events in our lives, that we do have a Choice in how we respond to these events. Choice Theory teaches us, that no matter what we’re faced with, that we are internally motivated and that we do have the power within us to take effective control of our lives.

We are not victims. Learning Choice Theory allows us to become victors in our lives. The opposite of self-love is self-destruction. Choice Theory teaches us to make better Choices to meet our needs. Be kind and loving towards self. At the end of the day, you are the only person in your life that you will never leave or lose. Getting to know and love you well, and understanding that you have within you the power to heal your life, and then doing it, is the best self-love you can bring to you.

From that place, you can love others well too. Empowering yourself to empower others is the greatest gift you can bring to yourself and humanity.
Wishing you all love and encouragement to make good Choices for you in your life.
If you have any queries about this training, workshops, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Norah Finn – Psychotherapist and Meditation Teacher at Alethea Holistic and Healing Centre.

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