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Family Constellations

You are part of a family, a culture and a time. This history has an enormous influence on how you act and how you allow your natural energy to manifest. Many times the natural energy and way of expression that is your intrinsic nature are suppressed by conditioning’s that you carry from the past.

There is a natural order of love which is deeply engraved in the family group memory. There is a conscience or family soul that, in an invisible and unconscious way for its members, is passed from generation to generation and which conditions the behaviour and destiny of each of the individuals of that family. What one generation leaves unresolved is somehow taken on by members of subsequent generations in an innocent and unconscious attempt to re-establish balance. This can often lead us to assume behaviours and difficulties which do not belong to us and in fact create more disorder instead of less. We often bring this disorder with us to our couple relationships for example, but many many other areas are affected also. Issues for example around work, depression, difficulties with children, and relationships with parents and siblings.

Our hidden loyalty to our family system can even be expressed through the body in a wide range of illnesses that have at their core a systemic root. Alcoholism, panic attacks, depression, etc, all have systemic components to their origin.  Family Constellations is an incredible way of looking at the systemic causes of repetitive suffering.

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What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is much more than the sum of its parts. It is an organic system in itself and is a deep and powerful therapy. In a single session, it reveals deep truths about our families and ourselves that can heal, transform, liberate and radically change our lives for the better.

In Family Constellation the method of bringing hidden family dynamics to light is to have a participant from the group create the constellation of his or her family. Other people from the group are invited to represent members of the family and are positioned in the room according to the client’s intuition that moment. In this way, a living model of the family is created. It is found that the feelings and thoughts of the representatives are very similar to those of the actual family members.

The uniqueness of this work is to uncover a destructive family dynamic and using the responses of the representatives in their positions, a new image of the family is slowly uncovered that allows a more natural and healing balance to develop within the system.

And finally, there is a shift, a paradox –  that by coming closer to your family in an energetic sense and recognising your unique place in the overall system there is suddenly space and, often for the first time, the sensation of being able to go beyond the family.

When the family has been brought into its natural order, the individual can leave it behind him while still feeling the strength of his family supporting him. Only when the connection to his family is acknowledged, and the person’s responsibility seen clearly and then distributed, can the individual feel unburdened and go about his personal affairs without anything from the past weighing him down or holding him back.

Inherited Family Trauma: Diagnosis and Resolution in Individual and Group Sessions.

If we don’t know what we’re looking for, how can we treat it?

Our current therapeutic models rarely identify the unconscious family influences that underlie many of the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms we experience. Without the root cause in view, our interventions can only scratch the surface.

Unconscious family loyalties, unresolved family traumas and hidden dynamics are carried in the words we speak, the symptoms we express, and the body defences we unknowingly construct. When we know how to navigate this unconscious territory, we can begin to shift long-standing patterns of suffering and unhappiness.

Also if you are a counsellor or psychotherapist, adding this dimension of diagnosis and intervention will greatly enhance your work.

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