And therein lies the cure for everything! Just keep loving.

When we’re loving, we’re in our flow. Life is easy and uncomplicated.

We’re smiling and bringing the best of ourselves to our world. It’s witnessed by the world in our kind, compassionate, non-critical, non-judgmental, encouraging response to those around us.

It’s on those days when we become hard that needs our inner investigation and correction. Who/what did we allow to steal our softness?

We are responsible for bringing ourselves to our world today. Let nobody nor any situation erode your softness. Investigate nobody’s responsibility but your own. Being a spiritual person does not mean that you’ll view everything today in “love and light”. There’s something morally superior and spine-chilling about that response to life’s difficulties. When life throws us a lemon and we bite into it, the world will see the sour response on our face. How can we possible fake that response???

It’s human to be hurt, upset, disappointed, worried. It’s a response to something that we perceive has offended us. But don’t stay offended for too long. Get that energy out of your system. It doesn’t belong in there. And if it stays in there, it’s probably attached to all the younger hurts, upsets, disappointments and worries that you had to pack down that your body never healed. That’s your job now! To start your investigation into why and where this situation began in the first place!

That one takes courage! Because blaming is easier than digging deep and it’s a more comfortable feeling to be “right” than to do right. The right thing is always to return to a loving position, for you and everyone involved. We don’t have to agree or be pleased by what we see or experience, that’s our choice, but we don’t have a right to deny ourselves our soft loving self. Let nothing steal your softness today, for too long. Anything could happen today.

That’s just the way the world works. If it was all fun and games we’d be living in heaven. But we’re not, we’re on earth. A realm where souls take human form to evolve their consciousness. We signed up for this. We knew we’d have struggles and agreed to undertake them, willingly. “It always happens to me”!

Yes, and it will until we leave this earth. It’s a growth and learning realm. It’s our job to decide if we’re gonna learn quickly or drag out the process. Will we dig deep and look honestly, or will we blame and hold on to our position?

We came from love, and it’s our job now on earth to see how quickly we can return to our loving state after we’ve allowed ourselves to lose it. Only in a loving position can we find any resolution to life’s difficulties. Only in returning to that loving position can we heal. And healed humans help other humans heal. It’s our job to heal ourselves, no one else. No one else can do it for us. Are u loving today?

Just keep spreading that softness. Are you hard today? Investigate where you’ve lost your softness and try to return to you’re natural state ASAP. Love! That’s our natural position. The place from which we flow! It starts with you. When you’re soft within, the world sees and experiences it. Returning to our soft self is the journey.

There is no remedy for love but to love more. It takes real courage to love. It involves deeply and honestly healing where we do the opposite. In spite of all the difficulties you’ve experienced in life, refuse to stop loving. That takes strength. Just keep loving ❤️❤️❤️

Norah Finn, Alethea Holistic and Healing Services