What will this world collectively evolve into when we come out of this collective “dark night of the soul”?

We are collectively being forced into examining how we behave in this world. How we view and judge others. Are we encouragers of others, or critical?

Do we live lives of gratitude, or greed? Do we work collectively together, or are we ready to attack those around us? Do we believe we’re doing our very best, or do we believe we’re better than those around us?

What’s going in inside our own minds is also a virus we need to overcome. What we are projecting outside of us we’ve been reflecting on internally for a very long time. It has nothing to do with the person in front of you, and everything to do what’s going on inside of you.

When our mind focuses on how everyone else got it wrong, you were feeling that superiority to begin with anyway. When you focus on where another caused you to feel inferior, you were feeling that inferiority long before you even had that interaction.

The mind is a great thing, when used correctly. And our greatest enemy when we operate out of stinking thinking. What we’re all seeking is the “now”. The middle way. Every great stage of our world has told us this. We can never achieve that middle way outside of us. Develop it internally, and we see that the viruses in this world are not the problem.

It’s the viruses within our own thinking that is our greatest enemy. We are all in this together.

Everything that’s going on around us is a teacher to us. Not the other way around. Our job, is to pay attention to our response to those around. If it’s not loving, kind, supportive, it’s you who needs to heal.

It’ll will be interesting to see how we will collectively evolve out of this collective “dark night of the soul”.

Stay loving and kind and self reflective. We are all in this together. Could that be what we collectively need to learn? Read more about time for a new psychology here.