To simply put, starting Japa Mediation with Norah Finn was the best thing I ever did!

Japa Mediation Norah Finn

Here are the reasons:

  • I have more energy
  • I worry less
  • I wake up happy
  • I get on better with my family
  • I have more confidence in myself
  • I have discovered who I really am and want to be
  • I am awake
  • I am connected
  • I am aware
  • I laugh more, and not fake laughing, I mean sore face laughing!
  • I have made lots of true friends
  • I am learning so much
  • Shit still happens, but I get over it much more quickly
  • I realise what I have to be grateful for”

Clare Kelly (started Japa meditation with Norah Finn at Alethea in Jan 2013)