Meditation works, on every level.

Let no one tell you there’s only one way to meditate, there are many meditation techniques and practices.

It’s like anything: we need to understand how and why it works before we employ it fully. Alethea is starting tomorrow another 4 week meditation class. Over the 4 weeks, we aim to give you knowledge and tools and we’ll work with you to find the right meditation for you.

Many people who make inquiries with us about meditation are seeking ways to de-stress but have preconceived ideas that meditation requires us to live a life of spiritual discipline and sacrifice. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you choose to live a spiritual lifestyle that’s your own personal choice and responsibility, but meditation belongs in the office as much as it does in the ashram. Those days of meditation only been for a chosen group of people wanting to live a particular lifestyle are long gone.

Meditation is a very personal journey. It has long been medically proven to have strong links with balancing physical and mental health. It allows us time to access our inner workings of self and stop our mind from overthinking. It releases limiting beliefs. We give our time and energy to those around us every day. Meditation allows us space for self. A little down time to recuperate.

We live in a busy world, the greatest killer we have in our society is stress. To become observers of our own inner workings and responses in this world allows us to see that we can choose to not participate in drama that steals our well-being everyday. Meditation is effortless and can be practiced in every situation without the world around you even been aware of what your doing. It’s your own personal little de-stress button. Meditation or medication?

We keep this starter class simple giving you information on how and why meditation works, and we give you instruction about meditation techniques, practices, psychology, philosophy, all delivered with like minded people, also seeking a simpler way of living. You will have the tools of meditation after this 4 wk class. There is no need for you to keep coming back for more, unless you enjoy our company and would like to attend a weekly class to meditate with others. Meditation is extremely powerful, and it is also simple and straightforward, we demystify the process.

If you’re interested in attending, please call us on 016204111 where one of our teachers can chat with you to answer any questions you may have. 🧡