Online Choice Theory For Children

Do You Know What Choice Theory Can Do For Children?

Our FREE online course for children started today, Monday the 6th of April, and it will happen every morning on weekdays during the lockdown period on Alethea’s Facebook page.

Choice Theory stands behind everything we do at Alethea. We run a Choice Theory Centre where every team member is either certified in RT/CT, or moving towards certification in RT/CT. I am an Instructor at WGII and Glasserian Psychology, directly or indirectly, is interwoven into everything we do at Alethea.

We pride ourselves on modeling the model. Whether it’s used in the counseling room, taught directly through Introductory workshops, or instructed in formal training with students, almost everyone who attends Alethea reaps the benefits of learning Glasserian Psychology.

For many years, people have been asking me to teach Choice Theory to children. Choice Theory needs to be modeled to children rather than taught. So now that you’re all at home with your children, maybe we could choose to use this time to incorporate Choice Theory into our small people’s lives?

Isolation can be difficult, especially for small humans. All we do in this world is relate, and where we’re all under one roof all day, we quickly see where we can improve on relating with our children. What if you took this time to get the children on board with a psychology that can be used long after the coronavirus is over?

It could be the best education you ever give your child. It’s in the teaching that we learn! Win win all around. And it’s completely free of charge. We’ll take it on as a community project all together. Let me know if you are interested in teaching this to your small humans and I’ll give you instructions shortly. Some knowledge of Choice Theory will be required as it’s you who’s going to teach it to your children. It will be simple, straightforward, and fun. Small steps add up to great distances.

When the lockdown is removed, we’ll have an award ceremony for the children where they’ll be awarded a certificate of completion from The William Glasser Institute Ireland, and an outdoor party with lots of fun and surprises. Online involvement is Monday – Friday every week until the lockdown is removed. It will involve watching a short video teaching every day at 10 am (it will stay up all day) and coming back onto Alethea Facebook page later in the evening (with parent) to give us a “thumbs up” to demonstrate to us your self-evaluation that you applied the concept you learned about Choice Theory at least once that day. Let’s meet our needs and have some fun bringing Glasserian Psychology into our homes.

If any of the children have birthdays during this time make sure you let us know so we’ll remember to remember them. Ring us if you have any questions 016204111 or 0851277002 👍

With love,

Norah and the Choice Theory team at Alethea 🧡