We’re living in a modern world. If we can access anything online, why not therapy?

“I’ve been using online therapy for a number of years now. When I began it took me a little while to adjust. I felt we’d miss out on the contact and energy within the counselling room. I still enjoy the one to one contact, but online therapy surprised me. It had so many advantages. When you find the therapist that’s right for you it’s a pity if illness, injury, distance, relocation, busy schedules etc, interferes with your choice to continue to work with that therapist.” – client at Alethea.

For the clients who avail of online therapy, their feedback is excellent. As one of my clients who lives overseas says “I get to have my therapy at my kitchen table while my dinner cooks in the oven”.

We’ve woken up over the past number of weeks to a very different world. Adjusting will take some time and like everything, when something as major as this happens, there’s a time of transition.

After the initial shock, we’ll settle and find that life as we knew it has changed. We’ll come out the other side of this with a new mindset. The world as we knew it is changing.

Why not therapy? The internet has changed the world. Therapy is now been forced to catch up, and that’s a great thing. There is no need for you to be without your support over the weeks/months that will follow. In fact, we’ll probably need it now more than ever.

If you have any queries about availing of online therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Alethea. We’d be delighted to talk you through it. Let’s work together to make this change flow as easily as possible. Who knows, when its all done and dusted, you may choose to continue with this option. And the operative word is choice. Why not have an option in how you’d like to avail of therapy.

You can phone us on 016204111, 0838218499, or my own mobile 0851277002. Or you can contact us through our website Alethea.ie, or Facebook and Instagram. (All of our therapists contact details are available on our website).

On behalf of our team of therapists who practice out of Alethea, we send you our regards and good wishes. Stay positive and well, and please know that we are available and offer our continued support to you all.

Norah Finn