This crisis is helping us to redefine success.

How we relate with ourselves and those around us is the only worthwhile inheritance we get to leave behind us on this earth. Everything else, power, money, beauty, etc, are temporary illusions. They are weapons of mass distraction.

We can’t take them with us and they won’t buy us oxygen. It’s beautiful to witness how together our world has become. We’ve been pushed apart to become a part. We are in this together, and we do have a part to play together.

We’ve been pushed back into our own little universe to see how we can relate as a team of humans together. It’s not just who’s under our roofs who are our brothers and sisters. We are a collective consciousness. We need each other to survive. We’re getting out of the “ME” and into the “WE”. Without it, we will not survive as a species.

We are relational creatures. We need to be interdependent to survive in this world. We have to relate well to stay well. It’s beautiful to see how people are relating, supporting, and doing what they can to help those around them. All of a sudden we see what’s needed in our world. With all this suffering right now in our world, it’s the kindness of those around us that will sustain humanity.

It’s wasn’t about cleaning up our world, it was about cleaning up how we perceived our world and the part we need to play with our fellow brothers and sisters. It’s not just about ME, I AM a part of the WE. It’s not possible that any of us are happy that this is happening in our world. We’re losing people who had lots of life to live yet, and that is just too sad.

People are experiencing enormous loss at the loss of their fellow brothers and sisters. We’ve been given something that is so shocking and it’s up to us to take responsibility for what we can do for the “WE” of our world rather than the “ME” of my world. It’s beautiful to witness the support and love within people to treat their fellow neighbors with the kindness in which they would wish to be treated themselves.

We wish you as beautiful a day as your own mind can be. Stay safe and well.