Returning to self-love requires acceptance of every situation in your life. We don’t develop character through the good times, we develop character through overcoming the things that could have broke us, yet didn’t.

The tough times shaped us into who we are today. I’m not suggesting you’d welcome another round in the emotional boxing ring with Conor McGregor as a means to build character, but when life deals us a hard blow we have two choices. Victim or Victor. We may fall down for a while, in fact, we gotta lay down for a while, we’ve been winded. We gotta wait until we can breathe again after having our life force knocked outa us.

But then we slowly rise again. And it’s the choice to rise that takes courage. We’re weak, bruised, and we’re back on our feet already hurting. We know another blow will be so sore to an already bruised heart. But what’s the alternative? The view ain’t so great from the floor. There’s a surrender when you have nothing left to lose. That rising involves finding any bit of energy you have left in you.

Every small achievement is a step closer to your self-worth that has been eroded. And before you know it, you’ve changed deeply. The experience has allowed you to experience pain on a deeper level, a level you certainly wouldn’t have volunteered to experience.

You develop an understanding and compassion you didn’t have before. It humbles you deeply. The experience allows you to see the strength within you that u didn’t know u had until your back was to the wall. Only then can you see how this experience has shaped you. And as hard as it was, you wouldn’t change it. It’s shaped your character and made u a more tolerant and understanding human. Not an easy way to build character, but is there another way?

The hurt, once healed deeply, shapes us. The finest people I’ve met in this life have conquered many difficulties in life. The deeper the character, the deeper the Victories. Been knocked out hurts deeply, getting back up and going another round takes deep courage.

When you empower yourself by conquering your worst fears, self-love is the result. You know u deserve a better life and you know only you can give that to you. You realize deeply how the experience that’s knocked you out was the very one that shaped you. And you bow to it. As much as you hope you never have to go through that again, you know you wouldn’t be who you are today without it.

Love who you are and what you’ve achieved in this life. And if you’re struggling right now, know you got through hard times before. Ur just resting and recovering right now. The warrior within that loves you deeply is getting ready to rise again. And you’ll look back on this time and realize it shaped you into who you are today.

You have the power, you’ve been winded temporarily. Victim to Victor! That’s the journey! In that victorious place, you wouldn’t change a thing.

Love, Norah Finn🧡🧡🧡