Standing up for you by standing up with you.

Standing as an individual in this world is our greatest responsibility and our hardest job.

It means standing in who we authentically are and what is right for us. It’s a difficult journey. We all have a desire to attach. We don’t like to go against those we love and value. We don’t want to risk losing people/situations in our lives that we’ve invested time and memories with along our journey.

Taking full responsibility for our own lives means meeting our own needs. If we’re behaving in a way that is not authentically who we are, we will experience pain. It’s not possible to go against who we are and what we believe in for too long.

Eventually, this painful feeling will manifest in the body as dis-ease. Growing is our journey, and it’s not easy. If it were, what would we gain out of that? What brings us suffering is our greatest catalyst for change. When we override our need for authenticity in order to attach to people, situations etc, we will experience suffering.

It’s not your job to change the world, your just changing you, and that change may inspire others to do the same. When we’re emotionally immature we try to change the world around us. It’s easier. We can look outside of ourselves and find fault with the world around us and feel we’re responsible in bringing that change.

We’ve got everything sorted and if only the world acted in the way we knew was best for it?

When we‘re emotionally mature, we grow up and realize the only person we can change is ourselves. We’re not responsible for anyone else or how others respond. Everyone is doing the best they can do with what they have.

They’re on their own journey. When we’re focusing on ourselves and how to become the best version of ourselves, we’re haven’t the time to be advising or judging others. It’s a hard enough job taking full responsibility for our own lives, it’s not possible to take on the world! If we’re focused on the world, then we took our eye off the ball.

The only worthwhile journey we can ever go on is inwards. Everything else is a temporary diversion that keeps us in denial of the suffering we have within ourselves that we need to heal. If we don’t humble ourselves and look inwards, life will humble us. The choice is ours.

When we override our need for authenticity in order to stay attached, we’re in trouble. We’ve just allowed ourselves step outside of our own truth and our own right to live our life and conduct ourselves in the way we know is right for us. Stand for who you are and what you believe in, you may end up standing alone, but what’s the alternative?

Your soul isn’t for sale! And ultimately, that’s what we’re sad about. The amount of times we “sold out” who we authentically were to stay attached to others opinions, values, beliefs. Focus inwards, become the best version of you. Become a victor of your own life. Eventually, you’ll create around you your own tribe of people with the same vibe.

People who are only happy for you when your living from your authentic self. They wouldn’t try solve your difficulties or give u advice if you asked them for it. They’re too busy trying to empower themselves and take responsibility for their own life. Empowered people empower people! The only person you’re responsible for is yourself. The only person you can heal or save is yourself.

Give it your best shot! Stay real, stay true to you .

Love, Norah.🧡