Have you ever thought about Talk Therapy for a Happier Life?

We all operate from a blue print that was formed in our early childhood. The lessons we learned and the messages we received from our primary care givers sits silently in our sub conscious, and unless healed, sabotages our conscious efforts to create a peaceful and loving life. That blueprint can generally be seen in how we respond in our lives today. What’s our blue print today in our lives?

Am I lovable? Am I worthy? Am I equal? Am I stupid? Do I count in this world? If these sort of self defeating messages were carved onto our blue print as children, they run silently in the background and no matter how much success in this life we achieve, we’ll sabotage it. Breaking this is a lifetimes journey of self awareness and enquiry.

Talk Therapy for a Happier LifeHow do we measure our healing? It’s not measurable in a definitive way. We don’t know how much our healing has impacted us in our lives until we’re faced into a scenario that would normally undermine us, and suddenly we respond in a more loving and kind way, for ourselves and everyone around us. We’re beginning to set good boundaries for ourselves.

By open and honest investigation of our original blueprint, we begin to take out what isn’t working for us anymore and replacing it with healthier loving messages that allow us to have continued success in our lives. We stop sabotaging ourselves. We begin to create healthier boundaries while remaining empathic towards ourselves and the world around us. Empathy is something we have to develop for self before we can create that space for others.

Talk therapy helps. It opens a door to the subconscious that otherwise stays closed. If we can’t see it, how can we heal it? And if we could see it and work it out alone, then why haven’t we done that yet? It’s good to talk. There is no shame in seeking support. It’s the original blueprint that’s telling us otherwise.

If you’d like to book an appointment with one of our therapists, ring us on 016204111. We know this journey because we’ve walked it ourselves. And we’re proud to still be walking it. A lifelong journey of walking home to self. No one needs be alone 🧡