It’s time for a new normal!

Talk therapy is the healthy diet for the mind.

We’re living in challenging times. Changes can be difficult for all of us. 3 months ago (can you believe that time has passed) we were faced with a change like we’ve never experienced. At Alethea, our work is all about supporting others to overcome challenging times. We are firstly mental health professionals.

Like the rest of the world, our team at Alethea were also personally and professionally challenged by these changing events. And like the rest of the world, our therapists have also had our own personal trials and losses to work through. No one has escaped the devastating impact of Covid19.

All of our work up until that point had been face to face contact. Human contact is our work, so offering our services remotely was alien to us. We adjusted and are delighted that we have been able to continue to provide ethical and professional support to our service users.

All we do as human beings is relate. With those around us and ultimately with ourselves. Nothing beats human contact. And the day will come when we are able to provide human contact within our services at Alethea again. But until then, we’ll be continuing to provide our support remotely. We have not gone away, we are right here to support you.

Taking care of your mental health during these changing times is so important. Our psychology becomes our biology. We just never know what someone is trying to hold on the inside. What personal difficulty they are going through. Your mental wellness can be seen in how thoughtful you are towards others.

Depression, anxiety, panic, grief, loss, suicidal idealisation, abuse, violence, addictions, isolation, loneliness, insecurities, etc, are all still going on all around you. People are struggling. They already feel forgotten, don’t let your lack of awareness and support further reinforce that nobody cares.

How we relate could save another, or push them right over the edge. Everyone is responsible for taking care of themselves, but we are also responsible for how we conduct ourselves in this world. Do we bring kindness or judgement? What is our own mindset like?

We are a part of the greater whole. We have our part to play. And now, more than ever, we have an opportunity to see what our true purpose is. To humbly treat those around us with compassion. To disconnect ourselves from any mindset that is toxic. To connect compassionately.

True compassion starts at home. How you treat yourself is ultimately how you will treat others. Focusing on your own mental health is the only place to start. It is your gift to yourself and humanity. Stay awake and aware. The sun is shining out there and it’s a beautiful day.

But it may not be so beautiful for another. And if we’re a part of the greater whole, then it’s our job to stay awake and see that. A kind word, a “can I help you”, “are you ok”, could change everything. So could the opposite.

If you’re alone and struggling, we’re here. We know that often the biggest smiles can hide the deepest sadness. We’ve been there too. We know what got us through – someone else “seeing” us. We SEE you. And you do not need to struggle alone. There is no shame in mental struggles. It really is ok not to be ok. In fact, it’s normal, and it’s part of life.

Please, if you’re struggling, don’t carry it alone. You are not alone. Reach out, we might be on the other side of a screen now, but we still SEE you, and we can still support you. There’s plenty of others who are having rainy days in all this sunshine.

You wouldn’t hesitate to look after your physical health right now, don’t neglect your mental health. We wouldn’t hesitate to stop and support someone in a car crash, why would we not support another in an emotional “car crash”. The carnage may not be so clear to see but if we’re looking after our own mental health, we can become good at spotting the warning signs.

The next number of months will bring further changes – changes we cannot even see yet. We’re taking care of our physical health with sunshine, exercise, good food and vitamins. It’s a mentally healthy choice to plan for our mental health too. Don’t wait until a crisis. Let therapy be your “healthy diet” for the mind.

No matter how lonely you may be feeling right now, please remember that you are not alone. You’ll be amazed at how quickly suffering can be lifted by just reaching out. Most times, acknowledging your struggling is half the solution.

We SEE you.

We are here.

From all of the the team at Alethea 🧡

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All of our therapists are members of the IACP – Irish Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.