We can all change. We can all grow.

And most times, we only change painful ways of relating in this world through experiencing pain and suffering.

Those painful experiences became a catalyst for change. We woke up one day and thought “I don’t want to exist like this anymore”. And that’s the only thing we had to do!

We made a choice that we had enough of just existing. From there, the universe conspired with us to change and grow.

If we were all judged on how we related in our earlier years, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Give yourself a chance. When we do, we give it to others too.

A wise tailor remeasures his client every time she/he comes to buy a new garment.

Stay present. That’s the gift we have to give to ourself and the world today.

That’s all we have, and it’s more than enough.


Norah Finn.