Well-being at Workplace

Emotionally intelligent self aware leaders promote strong emotionally intelligent self aware teams.

The onus is on the leader to drive their own well being. When they do, they model the model.

Is the pattern of well being and self care ingrained within your company’s culture? Would you like support in making that happen?

We live in a stressful world, and one thing we know for sure is that the impact of stress on us all as individuals is taking its toll on our overall well-being. More and more managers are becoming advocates for promoting self care within the workplace. We spend 8 hours a day working, 8 hours of personal and family time, and 8 hours sleeping. Of the two days rest we have at the weekend, we spent much of that time in preparation for the week ahead. Learning to use our time productively and effectively requires of us to learn skills and techniques to de-stress in our lives.

Organizations are striving to create friendly stress free environments. Gone are the days of the “boss management” style, and organizations that are “leading the way” know that their people are their company. An organization that relates and connects well, with equal support and opportunity for all, with awareness of diversity and inclusion, will grow in every way.

Mental health is vital in the workplace for an organization to grow, and managers are taking care of their own mental health and supporting and promoting that on an organizational level.

A culture of well-being starts at the top. Your business is a platform for change – at community level, and it starts within your own community. Business leaders can foster inspiring and healthy work environments where employees can reach their full potential, and in-turn make an even bigger impact in our communities.

Norah Finn, owner of Alethea, works with organizations, big and small, to support managers in supporting theirs workers by introducing self care programs. These include meditation, mindfulness and workshops, with the emphasis on personal well being. The programs are as individually unique as the companies themselves, but all are formed with the same goal – to make them simple, useful, user friendly, informative, knowledgeable, and fun.

If wish further information on how your company and your team can benefit from well being activities focused on the workplace, please click here to contact Alethea.